Advanced Technology

Laminacorr is proud to have the most advanced corrugated plastic extrusion department in North America ensuring outstanding print quality.

Competitive Turnaround

Laminacorr is the only Canadian-owned independent manufacturer of corrugated plastic. Allowing us to provide a quick turnaround time on unique projects.


Innovation is at the centre of Laminacorr's vision. It has resulted in greater efficiency, a larger capacity and a marked improvement in product quality.

Last year, our green production cycle helped us reuse the equivalent of 145 million plastic bags

Meet our unique product


Flutecorr allows you to ship more product. Its lightweight also becomes handy in the signage industry.


Thanks to our advanced equipment, we can create sheets to your exact specifications.


It is weather, chemical, oil resistant and impact resistant. It has unbeatable durability for cost.


Easy to clean with a simple a hose and a soft cloth to prevent scratches. no equipment needed.


Reusable and 100% recyclable. A third of our annual production is created thanks to a closed recycling loop.

Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology creates an enhanced quality product for the high demand of the graphics industry.

Favourite in the Automotive
Packaging Industry

About Us


Early, Laminacorr identified a need in the packaging industry for a more cost-effective solution for the handling of class “A” parts.

Ten years later, Laminacorr understood it needed to be fully integrated and started producing corrugated plastic sheets to better service the packaging industry.

Thanks to recent large investments, Laminacorr has the newest corrugated plastic production department in North America. Laminacorr’s team remains focused on the future and will stop at nothing to achieve its goal.


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