In the yard sign space, there are three main substrates: corrugated plastic, plastic-coated carton signs and poly-bag signs. Each with their strength and weakness. Your priorities whether they be price, quantity and reusability will determine the best choice for your next printed project. However, due too its number one feature, being located on a yard, one quality cannot be overlooked, its durability

Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs-Fluted

Corrugated plastic yard signs are rigid and weatherproof. They have a long material life and are the most popular type sign of the three. For low quantity order, they can be printed digitally while high quantity orders should be screen printed. This type can be easily put up and taken down. Storage is also facilitated thanks to the durability of the substrate. As this medium is not completely opaque, 2 sided signs do have a slight show thru. This can be obviated with graphics utilizing reverse printing and/or high ink coverage. Additionally, some additives can be added at the time of manufacturing to create a completely opaque substrate. The typical sign holders are H frames. A professional manufacturer can provide a wide range of sign dimensions to meet a range of outdoor site placements or graphic requirements.

Cardboard Plastic-Coated Signs

Also named “Fold-over sign”, they are an inexpensive option. The laminate stock of the cardboard is printed on the treated side. A strategically placed score allows folding of the sign and edges to form a two-sided yard sign either stapled or glued. This creates a no show-thru print. The sign is then slipped over a U-shaped rod sign frame. Due to the stiffness of the material, the frame only requires to be two thirds the length of the sign. In harsh weather, however, they do not hold up as well as corrugated plastic.

PolyBag Signs

This plastic film-made bag yard sign looks like a plastic sleeve that is slipped over U-shaped wires. To hold the plastic sign stretched out, the wireframes must be the same length as the plastic sleeve. Polybag yard signs are printed through a method that is only cost-effective for big quantities. The plastic bags are small in weight and volume which facilitate storage and handling. However, due to the broad width of the metal frame, cost-savings are sometimes lost. The tendency of these bags to be altered from the wind, especially at the bottom, is a big downside of this substrate.

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