Once your business name is installed on your new store-front, you may think you are done with dealing with exterior signage. Check again. Successful retail location, busy restaurants and strategic gas stations don’t simply stop when their name is on the building. They use promotional signage to incentivize prospected clients to walk in their door and further their branding objectives.

These types of visual can set you apart from the competition. But not all will do the trick. A good sign must be versatile, cost-effective and durable. There is a lot to choose when it comes to exterior signage.  Let’s look at the most popular options used by successful brick-and-mortar locations.


This inexpensive option is very popular. Especially prized for an area with high foot traffic. They come in many different types. They usually feature a metal frame with a corrugated plastic or foam board insert. These two types of insert allow for digital printing. Given their size, they offer relatively low visibility if your locations do not have a lot of foot traffic.

E.g. A-frames can be used by centrally located restaurants to display some of the more unique menu items.

Reader boards

Reader boards are easily customizable and very common in many types of business. They offer great visibility for all types of traffic. However, they have some drawbacks. You can only use words to describe your offering. The use of graphic elements is very limited. They also may be difficult or uncomfortable to update if they are in hard to reach places or when the climate doesn’t cooperate. They remain a classic, read old fashion, way of grabbing customers attention.

E.g. A travel agency may want to advertise a specific travel destination to get the customers through the door.

Lawn Signs

Like A-frames, lawn signs are perfect for an area with high foot traffic. They tend to be smaller than A-frames and only work if there is a green area where those stakes can be put in the ground. They are made of corrugated plastic and installed using plastic or metal stakes. Easy to install they are the cheapest option and they are easy to mass-produce thanks to its light-weight substrate to achieve similar branding across multiple locations.

E.g. Roofers may want to install a lawn sign to promote their completed work in a residential area.

Window Lettering and Graphics

This very popular vinyl product is perfect for stores with large windows. It allows for high quality, high detailed imagery. It can complement other exterior signage and further the branding of the storefront. However, they can be difficult to install and remove without professional help. Additionally, depending on the quality of the material, it can be an expensive option. Some design may also block the view which is not favourable for all store types.

E.g. A bank may want to add branding to their storefront while providing added privacy.

Pole signs

Also made in corrugated plastic, pole signs are much larger and can be affixed high poles to provide more visibility. Your promotion or branding can be directly printed in high quality directly on the substrate. This allows for a durable finish that can withstand the elements. Since they are made in corrugated plastic, those types or signs are recyclable.

E.g. A gas station may want to advertise a new reward program to passing motorist.

Laminacorr Industries is an independent manufacturer of corrugated plastic used in a variety of sector. Prized in the graphic arts industry for its low price, high versatility and durability, corrugated plastic is used in many applications from POS display to election signage.

Interested in using corrugated plastic for your next exterior signage project? Talk to one of our representatives this October during PRINTING United 2019, the largest printing show, to learn more about the possibilities of Flutecorr®.