The versatility and durability of Flutecorr® sheets are being put to the test in this unique environment. These two products were developed by the Wellington County Beekeepers’ Association of the Guelph area in partnership with the University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre. Flutecorr® was selected as the best material for the job since it called for an extremely resistant and waterproof material.

Nuc Box

A nuc (nucleus) box is a transport box that holds several frames of bees from an established hive and a new, young queen.  It is a lightweight but strong shipping box made of 3mm Flutecorr® that is rain resistant and can be left in the bee yard until the producer has time to accommodate pick up more easily.  It can also be used when making splits and catching swarms.  Flutecorr® is a designated # 5 plastic and can easily be recycled when no longer needed.

Winter Wrap

These wraps are made of 4mm Flutecorr® equipped with U.V. protection.   They are lightweight and are designed to be folded flat for easier storage and transportation.  Designed to be durable, the fold is rated at 21,000 folds.  Thanks to its waterproofing capabilities, Flutecorr® has been proven to have little water absorption in 24 hours – .02% compared with 75% for cardboard in 50% relative humidity.  It will withstand temperature extremes from -17F to 120F. The wraps have proven to serve beekeepers for many years.

Take a look at the “Winter Hive Wrap” we manufactured in this instructional video made by the Honey Bee Research Centre


If you are interested in purchasing these products, more information is available from Wellington County Beekeepers’ Association.