Pantone colours are colour codes that stand for a specific shade. They help you discuss colours by defining a specific code for each of them. It is the standard language for colours between the graphic designer, fashion designer, product designer, printers and manufacturer. It supports colours on the following material: cotton, polyester, nylon, plastics and other coated and uncoated materials. Established in 1963, Pantone was developed to add order to the seemingly endless amount of colours to choose from and the limited vocabulary to describe them.

Our design team did the exercise and matched our colour offering to the closest Pantone. Here is the final guide:

Internal Colour NameInternal Colour CodeClosest matching Pantone
Light Blue302925 C
Medium Blue312145 C
Green33561 C
Sapphire392173 C
Violet38270 C
Silver424277 C
Black43Black 3 C
Yellow20116 C
Orange212026 C
Red223546 C
Ivory127500 C


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