Lightweight and durable, FluteCorr Packaging by Laminacorr is a high-quality corrugated plastic sheet extruded from polypropylene material. It is present in a wide variety of markets from the automotive industry to the agricultural sector

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Laminacorr Industries offers a variety of laminate options to satisfy all packaging industry standards. It can be applied to either one side or two sides of the sheet.

Spuntex — Crosslinked Foam — Tyvex — Evolon — Brushed Polyester


FluteCorr® Packaging can be more personalised with different additives based on your needs.

Anti UV — Flame retardant — Anti-static.

Learn more about the different level of flame retardant available



We offer welding services of FluteCorr® sheets to create different types of containers.
Ultra Sonic Welding — Hot Air Welding


We feature a professional die cutting, slitting and scoring service with quick turn around time, all at a very competitive price.


We understand that in the reusable packaging industry, identifying your box is very important. That is why we offer UV screen printing using only high-quality ink to ensure your prints longevity and durability.


  • Reusable Packaging
  • Dividers and Dunnage
  • Handheld Totes
  • Layer Pads
  • Cold Chain Packaging