As part of the MURAL 2019 festival, Laurence Vallières presents a structure made of recycled corrugated plastic and wood. The Quebec artist indicates that the installation can withstand rain, dust, heavy winds and young children who decide to climb the impressive structure. The artist, who specializes in sculpture made from recycled materials, gives a second life to these old election signs and demonstrates the sustainability and durability of this unique material.

The giant rabbit is currently on display in the streets of Montreal as part of the MURAL Festival of Urban Art, now in its seventh year. Little Burgundy, a brand of Aldo group the Canadian shoe retails, is sponsoring this work, which should remain on display for at least a year.

Corrugated plastic is not at its first appearance in the world of the arts. This resistant and inert material is frequently used in the field of conservation. Protective backboards for canvas paintings, boxes for transportation, and some mounts are made of corrugated plastic.

About Laurence Vallières

Laurence is an artist trained in ceramic sculpture. She decided to use recycled materials, especially cardboard, for its abundance and low cost. Her works can be found in galleries around the world. For more details, visit:


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