Laminacorr Industries is pleased to announce a new partnership with NW Packaging. This new partner will enable Laminacorr to better serve its client with operations on the West Coast.

NW Packaging is the largest corrugated plastic converter on the West Coast and specializes in creative applications of corrugated plastics.

NW Packaging will store and distribute Flutecorr Packaging and Flutecorr Graphics sheets in their California warehouse. This approach will make it easier and faster for current and future customer of Laminacorr Industries to receive their Flutecorr Products. It will also enable NW Packaging to convert and create an innovative product using enhanced quality Flutecorr sheets.

About NW Packaging

Founded in 1986, NW Packaging specializes in the manufacturing of reusable, sustainable, and returnable packaging through the use of corrugated plastic. They serve a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, and agricultural, just to name a few. Customization is their biggest strength, no task is too difficult or impossible. learn more, visit