Today, commercial printers exist in a saturated market. Most have seen their growth stagnant while others have seen their decline.

Those who want to survive the constant price wars must be prepared to bring added value to their current offering or explore new markets altogether. Printed packaging may be the solution for some. While this segment of the printing industry is one of consistent growth it is not an easy transition.

Technology will help

Those who decide to embrace printed packaging must first look at the type of equipment they currently have. Today’s digital technology makes it easier to conceptualise and print on a different substrate. Commercial printers who are equipped with large format digital printer may enter this promising market at a lower investment level.

It is important to remember that commercial printing and packaging remain two very different worlds. New conversion steps await any business who decide to explore the high-profit market. This is where packaging derives much of its value, but it requires skills and equipment that a print shop doesn’t usually have.

Where to fit in?

Commercial printers entering the packaging market shouldn’t be seen as a threat to packaging house but instead a partner. Printers can help with production relief or focus on short runs that require more attention to details. They will never reach the production volume most packaging house can achieve without a large refocus of their business.

Additionally, most packaging firms don’t use digital printing and since it remains more cost-effective to digitally print for small jobs commercial printers have a role to play.

For example, commercial printers can service the growing sector of small business that requires low-volume packagings such as microbreweries and wineries.


While both industries share some equipment, commercial printers must not overlook one key aspect: knowledge. Packaging specific skills such as assembly, folding, and glueing can pose great challenges and training the staff must be a central part of any strategy. Paired with new substrate and inks, printed packaging is not an easy market to enter. Partnership with players that are already experienced in the space is a great way to get over the knowledge hurdle.

At Laminacorr Industries, we understand that partnerships are at the core of business success. We have built a relationship with key partners in the packaging industry for over 20 years now. We provide knowledge, prototyping and unique customer experience to all our partners. Corrugated plastic is a unique substrate that is often misunderstood. As more people turn to a sustainable product in their daily life, corrugated plastic has a large part to play.

Are you a commercial printer interested in entering this promising market? Talk to one of our representatives this October during Printing United, the largest printing show, to learn more about the possibilities of corrugated plastic.