Proper branding is key to plan your in-store marketing tactics. Your strategy must accomplish the following: effectively connect with customers, increase your sales, and keep customers coming back.

Most large brands include guidelines for retail locations to properly display their product. Those guidelines sometimes include additionally display to set the product apart from the competition. In-store displays come in different shape and size and can make the difference in a space where visual competition is real. From stand-alone shelve displays, table tops signs and anything in between.

Connecting with Your Customers

These signs must not only catch buyers’ attention but add value to the shopping experience overall. A new brand or product might want to educate the consumers on the benefits of their new product line. These types of displays allow for more storytelling experience in this crowded environment.

Increase Sales & Return Business

Strategic use of Point of Sale Display (P.O.S) can translate to increase sales. For example, it is estimated that 27% of shoppers make an additional purchase once at the checkout counter. This space right beside the payment system can be leverage with different types of display that motivate those impulse purchases. To maximise return business, these displays should stay relevant and be updated often. The use of seasonal themed is also recommended to incentive a second look from consumers.

Where to start?

It is hard to get a head start in this highly specialized field. Partnership with key player in the industry is a great place to start.

Laminacorr Industries has been in the corrugated plastic industries for over 20 years. Corrugated Plastic is a unique substrate commonly used in-store and POS display applications. It is very popular for applications where the display needs to last both structurally and visually. It also becomes popular if the display is destined for a wet or damp environment (both exterior and interior). Large surface stores that must mop their floor daily is the perfect example of the use of corrugated plastic instead of cardboard. Corrugated plastic also offers many options to designers thanks to its different thickness, strong durability and ability to maintain its shape.

Is your brand interested in being featured at the point-of-sale? Talk to one of our representatives this October during PRINTING United, the largest printing show, to learn more about the possibilities of corrugated plastic and find out who distribute Flutecorr.