A flat, square, smooth and corona treated sheet

Our Flutecorr® Graphic line is optimized for the high demand of the digital printing industry. Our sheets are flat, square, smooth and corona treated for the best printing results. No matter your printing technology of choice you will need a high-quality consistent product. Don’t risk your project by buying sheets from an untrusted source.

World class additives for a truly customized sheet

We offer many additives to better customize our sheets. Whether your exterior signage needs UV protection, your high-quality print project needs an opaque substrate, or your newest printer needs sheets with less static, we have the additive for you.

High speed die cutting for large scale projects

Our advanced high-speed die cutter allows us to create large quantity of pre-cut sign or P.O.S display at an incredible speed and with unparallel precisions. This allows us to fulfill large orders at a fraction of the time.

Many applications in the wide-format industry

The applications vary from a more temporary display such as Commercial and Residential Real Estate Signs, Display Boards and Election Signage to a more permanent display such as Exhibits, Point of Sale Displays (POS), Staging and Event Displays, Trade Show Booths and Wayfinding Directional Signage.

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