In an increasingly connected world, material handling is a growing industry. Laminacorr Industries is equipped with the technology to manufacture your engineered products for tote and bin systems.

Get your hands on a prototype before large scale production

Working from your CAD files we create a prototype that gives you hands-on time with your next tote or bin product line. You can explore its feature and overall design concept before investing time and money into development. Once we have a working prototype, we produce a standard die or a high-speed die depending on the volume and the complexity of the project.

Made Using the Most Advanced Equipment

Laminacorr Industries is proud to have the most advanced corrugated plastic extrusion department in North America. It allows us to create a consistent premium sheet tailored to your need with customisable gauge and density. We extrude sheets from 2 mm to 12.5 mm thick.

Offering a complete solution for your next bin and tote project

Laminacorr Industries offers a fully integrated solution for your next packaging project. We are equipped to provide die-cutting, slitting, welding, sewing and scoring services. Our Flutecorr® Packaging line can be even more personalized with different additives and colours based on your project needs.

High speed die-cutting for large scale projects

Our advanced high-speed die cutter allows us to create large quantity of bins or at an incredible speed and unparallel precisions. This allows us to fulfill large orders at a fraction of the time.