As part of an ongoing initiative to offer expert advice to our customer, Laminacorr Industries recently submitted Flutecorr® sheets equipped with fire retardant additive to a certified testing facility. They were put to numerous internationally recognized test to asses their fire retardancy. The result will be used to better serve our customers and to produce high-quality sheets for any projects requiring fire retardant (FR) capable sheets.

Three different standards were used to test Laminacorr’s corrugated plastic sheets:

UL 94, the Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances testing, is a plastics flammability standard. The standard determines the material’s tendency to either extinguish or spread the flame once the specimen has been ignited.

  • H-B: Horizontal Burn; Slow horizontal burn test (H-B) are considered “self-extinguishing”.
  • V-2: Vertical Burn; Burning stops within 60 seconds, Flaming drips ARE allowed.
  • V-1: Vertical Burn; Burning stops within 60 seconds, NO flaming drips are allowed.
  • V-0: Vertical Burn; Burning stops within 10 seconds, NO flaming drips are allowed.

ASTM E84 is an American National Standard (ANSI) and has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense. The test was conducted in accordance with the ASTM International fire-test-response standard E84-18a, Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials sometimes referred to as the Steiner tunnel test. The ASTM E84 test method is the technical equivalent of UL No. 723. The test is applicable to exposed interior surfaces such as walls and ceilings. The test is conducted with the specimen in the ceiling position with the surface to be evaluated face down toward the ignition source.

NFPA 701-15 establishes test methods to assess the propagation of flame of various textiles and films under specified fire test conditions. Corrugated plastic falls within method 2. Test specimens are conditioned to 105°C for a period between 1 and 3 hours. The specimens are supported vertically with clips. Exposed to a calibrated flame until material cease or burned completely.


Laminacorr Industries tested three levels of fire retardant (see table below). Heavy-duty retardant passed the most demanding test and should be used in any environment where a high standard of safety must be observed. It is the strongest fire retardant we offer. Inquire today for pricing. All results were compiled in an easy to understand table available for download.