Innovating since day one

We are born out of an idea to bring a different approach to a promising industry. We pioneered the mass lamination process widely used today. We have been committed to innovation ever since. Our goal remains to create a product that is right for the task it is set out to do. Paired with our exceptional team and our innovative spirit, we have a clear vision of the future and we will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Throughout the years, we forged partnerships with key players in the industry, but we never gave up our independence. Without a large corporation over our heads, we are more flexible to innovate where we need to. Our constant quest for new ways of doing things has led us to where we are today, one of Canada's fastest growing company and the only independently owned converters of corrugated plastic in North America.



To manufacture and offer high-quality, functional, and innovative products that provide a positive consumer experience.



To become a world-class manufacturer of innovative corrugated plastic products.


Recent expansion 


New company

Established, we transformed corrugated plastic sheets for the reusable packaging industry. We pioneered the mass lamination process widely used in the automotive packaging industry.


Fully Integrated Solution

Following the success of our lamination and die cut products, we fully integrated and started producing corrugated plastic sheets to better service the packaging industry. We launched what we call today the FluteCorr® Packaging line.


New facility

We purchase a new facility strategically located in Cornwall, Ontario, along the Montreal – Windsor corridor, a few hours from the Greater Toronto area, just across the bridge from New York State and a hop away from the province of Quebec. This central location allows us to ship products rapidly and efficiently in any direction.


Launch of a new line

We purchase a new OMIPA corrugated plastic extrusion line to extend its standard colour pallet and gauge to better cater to the graphics arts industry. The FluteCorr® Graphics line is launched.



We expanded our warehouse by 20 000 square feet to support our growing operations.

New Capacity and Wider Extrusion Product

We purchased a 100” wide OMIPA extruder to better our product offering and have the newest corrugated plastic production department in North America


New Converting Equipment

Laminacorr expended our converting capabilities by purchasing a high-speed die cutter.


Head Quarter and Warehousing

We acquired our second building to support the growing demand for our Graphic Arts Material. It is used to store inventory of our most popular sheet sizes, which allows us to provide a quick turnaround to our customers.


Acquisition of Technology Container (TCC)

The Laminacorr Group of Companies has acquired TCC, which has a long history of innovation adding substantial capacity, and a large presence in the distribution market with their proprietary process for their well-known reusable autolocking corrugated plastics boxes.

Although Laminacorr has experienced a lot of changes over the years, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality products, superior service and reliable performance. Our industry knowledge and continued efficiency allow us to provide our customers with shorter delivery schedules and competitive prices.


Present in a wide variety of industries

We service the automotive industry with packaging material. From dividers and dunnage to hand held totes, we offer industry-leading laminate that meets the highest class-A protection.

We cater to the graphics art sector. We specialize in rigid media used for election and real estate signs and other wide-format exterior signage. Our sheets are designed for the best print-quality.

Laminacorr Industries provides the medical sector durable, waterproof containers for the transportation of blood and other organic tissues.

We provide reusable, lightweight, and moisture resistant containers for fruits and vegetables designed for outdoor or refrigerated storage.

We contribute to the fresh and frozen seafood transportation industry with a specially designed eco-friendly container. Replacing styrofoam and waxed cardboard packaging.

Laminacorr provides sheets used in roofing, cell vents and flooring protection needed in the construction industry.


Community and Entrepreneurship

Bursary Program

Drawing on recommendations made by the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. We decided to motivate future entrepreneurs to pursue post-secondary education in business. Laminacorr created a bursary program for local girls & women graduating high school in Cornwall, Ontario.


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Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation

Laminacorr industries has a history of sponsoring well-attended events organized by the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation. The hospital is the only one of its size in the region and serves as a central plan hub for a large proportion of eastern Ontario. To date, we have donated over $20,000 to the Hospital Foundation.


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